Satisfied Customers

Bernie (and we) could not imagine life without Ria and her gang at Barney and Rosie’s. Since her first walks and training outings as a puppy, Ria has been amazing - not only incredibly reliable but also a trusted adviser as an expert dog trainer. Her walks are without a doubt a highlight of Bernie’s week! We’re not surprised at it’s obvious that she adores the dogs she looks after and that their well being is her number one priority!
— Katie, Sam and Bernie
I first met Ria when my dog went missing and she was both concerned and helpful. When he turned up again I let her know and then asked her to walk both my dogs on a regular basis. The most important thing about Ria is that she loves dogs. And she knows dogs, so there is an awareness there that you can’t really learn from a book. My dogs adore her and she has them sometimes on their own and sometimes with other dogs, and manages them all brilliantly. She reports back if she thinks one has a health concern, is fantastic at communication and is quite punctual. There is never any moaning, even when the weather is really dismal. I am able to work and enjoy my life knowing that my dogs are so well looked after.
— Judy, Gatsby and Wonky
Ria has been fantastic with our Working Cocker Spaniel puppy Elfie. We have been training with Ria for about a month now and we can really see improvements in Elfie’s behaviour. We are also thrilled that Elfie has finally started to take an interest in her food and has now put on a little bit of weight after Ria’s advice on how to feed her effectively – she looks so much healthier and happier. I feel like we come on in leaps and bounds (literally) after every session and really value my time with Ria each week, as does Elfie.
— Gee, Elfie
I can’t stress enough how wonderful Ria has been throughout the past year. Initially, I didn’t think that I needed a dog walker and could find the time in my day, but since I have begun working with the her, I have realised just how wrong I was! Incredibly attentive and caring dog walking is just the beginning— I now have a better understanding of how my dog thinks and how to anticipate his behaviour and that is worth way more than the dog walking fee! I have never once worried about Z while he is under their care and cannot recommend this team highly enough.
— Lindsay, Zambezi
Since Leroy has been going to Ria I have seen such a dramatic improvement in his behaviour. Within one week he has stopped pulling on the leash. Within 2 weeks he just comes home and is as chill as a cucumber. Ria is dependable, competent, sets boundaries while allowing the dogs to have fun. I can not recommend Ria enough to anyone looking for a safe place for their dogs to get the excercise they require to be happy and mentally healthy. She also is a DREAM dog trainer should you have a few behaviours you are looking to sort through.
— Lindsey Leroy