Boarding Per DAY

Your dog will either stay with Ria or Julio and will join them on their daily walks. There is a discount for those who are away for longer than two weeks. 


House Sitting Per DAY

One of our team will stay at your home with your dog(s). They will be walked regularly, given fresh food and water and if requested will join the group for a daily pack walk. 




30-Minute Daily Check-in

Should you simply need your dog looked in on and kept company for a short while then please do get in touch with us. We will make sure to take your dog out for a quick walk so they can relieve themselves and will spend some time with them so that they can go back to sleep happy. This is also a suitable option should your dog need any medication given whilst you are at work. 

£25 (half day) 

£40 (full day)


This is our most popular service. Your dog will be collected in the morning and will spend the day with us and their friends on our local walks ready to greet you when you get home from work, happy and tired. 




Dog Training 

Each dog is unique so the price varies on the problem that you wish to address, or training that you require. 



1 hour group walk

2 hour group walk